Lerici is an ancient village belonging to the "Gulf of Poets", a source of inspiration for poets and writers like Shelley, Byron, Montale and Soldati.

Lerici is dominated by its castle overlooking the sea, the latter being home to the geopaleontological Museum.


Lerici, throughout the centuries, has always retained its charm and kept its typical original features exemplified by its houses stepping into the "carrugi" (narrow alleys). Today, right in the heart of Lerici, one can find premises, bars, pubs and the long promenade along the sea right until San Terenzo.


Lerici's territory includes:


San Terenzo with its castle to visit and enjoy, villa Magni and villa Marigola: from the latter one can admire a fantastic view over Venere Azzurra's beaches.


Tellaro, an ancient village of fishermen with its ancient Saint George's church, is reviewed among the seven most beautiful villages in Italy.


The little villages of Pugliola, Solaro, La Serra, Pozzuolo e Senato.





Porto Venere is a picturesque and enchanting village standing at the edge of a promontory. Located at the far end of "the Gulf of Poets", it is classified UNESCO heritage. In Portovenere it is worth visiting Doria castle, St. Peter's church, Byron's cave and "Azzurra's" cave and explore or simply chill out and enjoy the Palmaria crystal clear waters opposite, next to Tino and Tinetto islands.

Take a stroll in the narrow alleys packed with artisan shops and just enjoy the sea breeze in total relax.

During the summer Porto Venere comes back to life and thrives with parties, festival, concerts, shows and exhibitions such as: "il Palio del Golfo", "la Madonna Bianca" and "Saint Venerio's day".





The 5 Terre, five villages overlooking the sea and classified UNESCO heritage, are: Monterosso al mare, Vernazza, Corniglia, Manarola and Riomaggiore.

Pastel-coloured houses, crystal clear waters, narrow and enchanting alleys and, least but not last, breathtaking views.




Sarzana is a medioeval town surrounded by fifteenth century walls dating back to Roman times.

Its historical centre is rich in history with many listed buildings and works of art such as the War Memorial, Saint Andrew's church, the Cathedral of "Santa Maria Assunta", the "Impavidi's" Theatre", "Ollandini's Villa", la "Cittadella", "Firmafede's Fortress". Strolling along its main streets, at the heart of Sarzana's historical centre, amidst antique shops, restaurants and bars, one can still admire the glory of the past reflected in ancient buildings.

It used to be crossed by "Via Francigena" and "Via del sale (Road of the salt)".

Sarzanello Fortress stands out sitting right on the top of a hill just above Sarzana.

Sarzana is alive all year round thanks to exhibitions, fun fairs, open air markets and festivals amongst which it's worth mentioning "the Mind's festival", "the Attic in the Streets" and "the Calandriniana" festivals.




"Versilia", a popular holiday resort north of Tuscany and close to the borders with Liguria, renowned for its peculiar fashion shops and so much fun night clubs, also the farfront of bathing facilities, is listed one of the best italian resorts ever.





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Hotel del Golfo Lerici 2017

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Hotel del Golfo Lerici 2017

CITR: 011016-ALB-0027

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P.I. 00910240118